Thursday, January 28, 2010

To be or not to be.....Completely Shocked

I should not be shocked when I read an article titled "Under 7’s searching for porn".

Our eldest son, now 6, at 2 1/2 managed to navigate his way from the Wiggles website onto YouTube in the time it took for my father-in-law to go to the bathroom.It is so easy for this to happen. But I am shocked, when I hear under 7 year olds not only know such words but have access to visual images like these at their fingertips.

Writer Steve Kryger presents evidence from Symantec a company who produce internet filtering software.He presents some helpful ways to go about monitoring internet usage with your children.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

A New Era

I have always made things for friends and family, for myself, gifts and bits and pieces. I enjoy the process of coming up with an idea and making it real. This is not surprising having spent the most of my 32 years playing the Clarinet, studying, performing, creating and absorbing the world of music. Tinkering - as I call it - is in my bones. I have fond memories of my mother in her sewing room making things for me and my sisters when I was young. Now my children do it, spreading paper and craft all around the house.

We live in a world of growing technology and kids growing up before their time. As a parent of young children I feel passionate about preserving their childhood and letting them grow up with age appropriate influences. This includes the clothing that our daughter in particular wears. I have always made bits and pieces for her. She suffers from Eczema so all of her clothing is 100% cotton. It is comfortable, age appropriate and easy to wash.

Last year my husband encouraged me to make this obsession of mine into a small business, making girls clothing, accessories and gifts. So......

Welcome to Lily & Me!

I will be using this blog for you to be able to follow me along my business journey. I will be posting hopefully three times a week about new products, inspiration from various sources and bonus section of recipes tried and tested from our family(we are gluten free, vegetarian, no preservatives, no seafood).